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From the UK to WA

Western Australia Police are recruiting from the UK (and Ireland and New Zealand) again!

Western Australia police have not actively recruited from overseas since 2017.

On 15 October Western Australia Police announced it is the first jurisdiction in Australia to launch a recruitment campaign targeting police officers from the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

The recruitment is made possible through what’s known as a ‘labour agreement’ which is a formal agreement between, in this case, the Western Australia state government and the Federal Government.

The Labour Agreement allows police officers who are 55 years of age or under and who have at least three years’ service as a police officer in the UK, Ireland or NZ, to apply to become a police officer for Western Australia Police. The Labour Agreement remains in effect for the next five years, allows up to 950 police officers to be recruited pursuant to it and suitable officers will be eligible to apply for an Employer Nominated (subclass 186) visa. This is a permanent visa (i.e., give permanent residency) and is a pathway to Australian citizenship.

Police Minister, Paul Papalia, stated “WA is a great place to live and our Western Australian Police Force is a fantastic place to work. Whether you are young and single or have a family, to those overseas officers applying to come and work here in the WA sunshine, you will not regret the move.”

The Western Australia Police Commissioner, Col Blanch said “policing styles in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand are quite compatible with ours, and transition programs have previously worked in our favour … My message to officers working in those countries is simple. We want skilled, experienced constables to work on the frontline to help us cover the biggest policing jurisdiction in the world.”

If you fit The Bill (haha), you can apply at Apply Now – Let’s Join Forces ( 

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